Thursday, August 26, 2010

We need more Bort license plates in the gift shop

So, I was driving along the other day, minding my own business, when I saw a license plate from the great state of Michigan. The license plate had four letters, which read, BORT. I laughed so freakin' hard. I wanted to pull up next to the guy and yell, "My son is also named Bort!" I didn't get the chance, but he's probably heard that one before.
Funniest. License plate. Ever.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Synthetic Pot Sends Salem Teen To Hospital

POSTED: 2:59 pm PDT August 18, 2010
UPDATED: 8:27 pm PDT August 18, 2010

A Salem teen wound up in a hospital after using synthetic marijuana last weekend, according to an anti-drug nonprofit organization.

Tom Parker, spokesman for Oregon Partnership, said the 16-year-old asked a homeless man in Englewood Park to buy him Buzz, so-called synthetic pot, at a head shop. Hours later, the boy's mother said she awoke to find her son yelling, pacing and hyperventilating.

Parker said the teen was taken to Salem Hospital's emergency room for treatment of high blood pressure and elevated heart rate. While at the hospital, Parker said, the boy asked his parents not to let him die.

The teen suffered side effects from the blend of herbs mixed with synthetic marijuana, also known as K2, according to the nonprofit.

K2 is sold at shops in Washington and Oregon, something the victim's mother said has to stop.

"No parent should have to tell your son 'No, you're not going to die,' and then sit there and the only reason your child is breathing is you are reminding them to take a breath," said the victim's mother.

The teen is doing better, his mother said, but still feels intermittent effects from the drug. She said she wants the drug banned

Oregon Partnership said they are calling on lawmakers to outlaw the chemical."

Lousy LIBERAL MEDIA always trying to get drugs outlawed... That's a bad situation for that family, but exactly how is it the drug's fault that her son asked A HOMELESS MAN IN THE PARK to go into a head shop to buy him drugs? I'm sure when she's had a chance to calm down, she'll realize what kind of stuff her son is into and rip him a new one, but does the news media really need to run this type of story? That is, the type of story where the people involved are making logically flawed demands of our government based on their personal problems? I'm not saying whether K2 should or should not be legal, all I'm saying is; this is not the argument that should get it outlawed.

Monday, August 2, 2010

It's an oil well, what could happen?

So, there was this oil well that sprung a leak a couple months ago due to an explosion. The explosion killed 11 men (and injured 17 others), so it was a tragedy immediately. What led up to this was a series of completely preventable mistakes that were motivated by wanting to get the job done as quickly, easily, and cheaply as possible. OK, people can be greedy and irresponsible and mistakes can be made.
Most of the early news-reporting on this catastrophe focused on people figuring out how they were going to fix the leak and when they would be able to put the next plan into action. Wait, what? How could they not have had a plan in place before they even started drilling. This oil rig and hundreds of others like it are out in the oceans, drilling into the Earth, with no plan in place about how to fix a well if it blows and begins gushing oil into the ocean. How can this be when every one of them has to have a permit and inspections and all that other annoying yet necessary bureaucratic stuff? How ever professional these people are, they are somehow allowed to set up a drilling operation and just drill away without knowing how they are going to react if the worst happens.
The worst part of all this is that I never once heard or saw this angle of the crisis addressed in the news. How is this not a major issue for people?